The link to the paper on Trump’s nomination and candidacy on the 2016 election will now take you to a revised “2nd Edition” of the paper composed following Trump’s shocking electoral victory. The 2nd Edition of the paper includes a new introduction and conclusion that acknowledge and discuss the shortcomings of the paper in terms of its predictive power, but highlight that the facts of the new President’s behavior (past and present) that are presented in the paper are not invalidated by his victory. The entirety of the original paper is included in this new edition, as well as the initial blog post summary, as featured below this paragraph.

If you look at the most recent polling in key swing states such as Florida, North Carolina, and Ohio, it becomes pretty clear that Hillary Clinton is going to win the 2016 presidential election. But according to other opinion polls, only about 11% of Americans find Clinton to be honest and trustworthy. This writing will answer two pressing questions: why is it possible for a candidate with that low of an honest and trustworthy rating to be a shoo-in for election, and who is to blame for the current state of the Republican Party?

As You Make Your Bed, So Must You Lie In It (2nd Ed.)

In-text citations are provided in the Chicago Style of writing, while image credits will appear at the end of the paper.